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Bulb WiFi Camera

Regular Price Ksh 9,000 Offer Price! Ksh 7,500

This camera doubles up as a lamp also which makes it ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. It is a hidden camera ideal for use where secret surveillance is required. The view of the camera is panoramic which means you get a 360 degrees view of the area. Forget the cameras that miss certain angles.

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Wall Clock Spy Camera

Regular Price Ksh 9,500 Offer Price! Ksh 7,500

The wall clock spy camera is ideal for when secret surveillance is required. It has a pinhole camera lens with a CMOS sensor and 300000 pixels, OV7725. The lens has an angle of 90 degrees and can give videos with a resolution of 1280 x720, 640 x 480 and 320 x 240.

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Table Clock Spy Camera

Regular Price Ksh 10,600 Offer Price! Ksh 8,500

At only 10.2 cm in length, 4.3 cm in length and 3.7 cm wide, this table spy camera is a mini camera but one that packs a punch. Underneath is an IP camera with a capability of 1080p video resolution with a frame rate of 30FPS. It also has a CMOS sensor to ensure that nothing goes by unnoticed.

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Spy Pen Camera

Regular Price Ksh 8,500 Offer Price! Ksh 7,500

This mini spy pen camera comes with the design of an elegant pen but underneath with a lot of capabilities. The camera technology is pinhole. It has video recording capabilities with a video resolution of 1280 x 760.

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Spy Camera Glasses

Regular Price Ksh 10,500 Offer Price! Ksh 8,500

With these spy camera glasses you can be able to record all memorable moments wherever you are. The glasses have 5MP, CMOS lenses that produce very realistic and high quality videos. The design of the glasses is flexible which means they are suitable for use for different people.

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Dash Cam

Regular Price Ksh 9,500 Offer Price! Ksh 8,000

This dash cam is assembled at the rear view mirror. It has two lenses which record simultaneously on the front and one on the back. When the car is switched to reverse gear, the cameras switch so that the rear camera footage is displayed on the screen. When driving in front the front camera is displayed.

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Nanny Cameras Kenya

Since the inception of the first nanny camera in 1992, the market has responded positively as more people continue to seek for security solutions. There is a need to ensure security especially in our country Kenya where insecurity has been an issue for some time. There are many cases of children being harassed by nannies, nannies stealing from their employers, and cases of thieves attacking small businesses like M-Pesa shops and other such businesses. So how do you keep an eye on your property and more importantly your children when you are out for work during the day? The best way is through use of nanny cameras or spy cameras.

Many people looking for spy cameras in Kenya wonder whether the investment is worth it at the end of the day. There are many benefits that come from installing a spy camera in your home or business. Here are some top benefits of having hidden cameras installed.

Benefits of Installing Nanny Cameras in Kenya

Deterring crime, theft and abuse to children – most people communicate to their employees that there is a nanny cam installed in the house or business watching them. This therefore deters the employees from committing crimes, stealing property, damaging property or abusing children.

Captures evidence – a nanny cam captures the evidence of a crime or abuse to a child. This will go a long way to help you when you need to present a case to the police for prosecution.

Stay part of your child's growth – with a nanny camera you can be able to witness special moments in your child's growth and development as you carry on with your daily work. You can see the child taking their first steps for instance or hear them utter their first words.

Keep tabs on every happening in your house – with a nanny cam you can be able to keep tabs on every other happenings that go on in the house when you are not there. Are there any unwanted visitors that come to your house? Are your pets happy and well taken care of? How about your plants? Is your house well cared for? There are so many questions like this that you can have answered by a nanny cam.

Spot bad habits and bring change – one other advantage of using hidden cameras Kenya is that you can spot bad habits in your employees or house help and have them change their behaviors before the unwanted behaviors get out of hand.

Ensure your child is receiving the best care – with a nanny cam installed in your house you can spot mistakes and advice the house help on what you want them to do for your child to receive the best care.

As can be seen the benefits of installing nanny cams are not only many but crucial ones that will protect the safety of your child and property.

Features to look out for in spy cameras for sale in Kenya

Spy cameras in Kenya are available in many different types and styles with different features. However there are some important features that you need to look out for if the nanny camera is going to be helpful and convenient for you. Here are some of the features you should consider;

Resolution- you need to be able to see what the camera is recording, which therefore means you need a camera with a high resolution. With high resolution you can easily tell what is going on and identify people easily.

Wi-Fi connectivity – this is a great feature to look out for in spy gadgets for sale in Kenya. Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to be able to remote view the surveillance from the camera anywhere you are at any time. Wi-Fi connectivity allows the camera to seamlessly connect to your home Wi-Fi connection and therefore remotely send the footage to you wherever you are. You can then view the footage either on a computer or a mobile device. If you will be using a mobile device ensure that the app is available for the mobile platform you are on whether Android or IOS.

Night vision – night vision is a great feature to look out for. The camera should have superb night vision capabilities to be able to take recordings at night and when the lights are off. When shopping for nanny cameras in Nairobi, check for the camera that offers a large night vision distance say about 5M.

Motion detection – motion detection is the feature of the camera that allows for automatic recording. The camera automatically starts to record when it detects human motion. With this feature, the camera can also be connected to an alarm to enhance the security when motion is detected.

Field of view – cameras have different fields of view which limit the area covered by the camera. Cameras with 360 degrees of view are the best because they provide a panoramic view of the scene. They are favorable for use overhead where 360 degrees view is required. Other cameras provide different fields of view for instance, 90, 120,170 degrees and hence forth. The choice is dependent on the location where you intend to place the camera.

Battery capacity – many nanny cameras in Nairobi come with the ability to use them without being connected to a power source. A good spy camera should be able to record for several hours without the need for a recharge. The recharging should also be first and made easy through USB charging.

These are only some of the features to look out for in nanny cameras Kenya. Other things to look out for include the ease of use of the camera, weather proofing especially for outdoor cameras, high in-built storage capacities, expandable storage capacities, and ability to produce easily playable video formats live avi formats. With nanny cameras Kenya you will be able to provide the extra needed eye in your home so that security and safety of your children is assured. The cameras make it easy for remote surveillance ensuring you can go on with your daily activities.

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For excellent hidden camera surveillance at work or home, this wifi light bulb camera stays undetected and delivers first-rate 360 degree video view you can watch remotely at the comfort of your phone. See the video below how it works.

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