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Dash Cam

This dash cam is assembled at the rear view mirror. It has two lenses which record simultaneously on the front and one on the back. When the car is switched to reverse gear, the cameras switch so that the rear camera footage is displayed on the screen. When driving in front the front camera is displayed. The cameras are full HD cameras and therefore the recording is clear and crisp at a resolution of 1080P. The cameras support loop recording where the video and the audio is recorded and stored continuously to the memory card. The dual cameras give you a wide recording angle of both the front and the rear at 170 degrees recording angle.

In order to display the video, the dash cam has a 4.3 inch screen display. The screen has a perfect UI design that displays the footage in an ingenious way that makes viewing easy and perfect for driving conditions. You can use the camera for easy reversing. To ensure that night footages are recorded properly, the cameras have enhanced night vision capabilities. The camera has an inbuilt lithium battery that can continue to record after the car has stalled. However it is only for emergency purposes because the camera should be connected to the charger at the cigarette lighter when in use.

Installation is easy and no tools are required. The package comes with everything required for installation. Another great feature of this dash cam is the G-Lock sensor. This sensor automatically locks the recorded video whenever a collision occurs thereby providing the accurate happenings. The front lens is adjustable so you can always get the perfect view for your car. The lens also has motion detection and therefore automatically records when there is movement in front of it. You can also use the camera to monitor the car 24/7 with the purchase of car charger DC converter module.

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