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Spy Camera Glasses

With these spy camera glasses you can be able to record all memorable moments wherever you are. The glasses have 5MP, CMOS lenses that produce very realistic and high quality videos. The design of the glasses is flexible which means they are suitable for use for different people. The glasses are easy to use. You only need to move the operation button that is ingeniously positioned on the handles of the glasses. The lenses are also very strategically positioned so that you will never miss a thing. The glasses have an inbuilt 280 mAh lithium battery that can record for about 1 to 2 hours before requiring charge.

The video resolution is 1280 x 720 and therefore a delight to view on your computer or mobile device. For connection with you PC, the device is plug_and_play and therefore no drivers are needed. All you have to do is connect through the USB port and it loads. There is a TF card slot for additional memory of up to 32 GB. To ensure comfort, the spy camera glasses are extremely light weighing only 35g. The design of the lenses is one that is fashionable and trendy so you never have to feel awkward when wearing them. They are available in black.

The finish of the glasses is exquisite and expensive. There are no protruding buttons or visible slots anywhere on the glasses. The glasses require a 5V DC charging power and they have very little power consumption of less than 0.8W. The video recording produced is of AVI format which makes it easy to view on the computer or a mobile device. The lenses are able to record quickly even as you move because they have a read /write speed of up to 60 MBps which is quite impressive.

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