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Wall Clock Spy Camera

The wall clock spy camera is ideal for when secret surveillance is required. It has a pinhole camera lens with a CMOS sensor and 300000 pixels, OV7725. The lens has an angle of 90 degrees and can give videos with a resolution of 1280 x720, 640 x 480 and 320 x 240. For operation without charging the camera has a battery with a capacity of 1200 mAh which can run for three continuous hours without charging. However, the camera can work while charging and comes with a 2M long charging cable. Complete charging of the battery takes 8 hours because the camera operates on DC voltage of 5V/2A.

For storage, the camera comes with a TF slot that can support a 32 GB card. For connectivity, the camera has Wi-Fi which gives you remote access to the footage wherever you are. In order to enhance security, the camera comes with a motion detection function which means you can use it as a motion detection alarm. The recording comes with a time stamp so you can tell when the video was taken when you are not streaming online. There is also the loop recording function on the camera which means you can record the videos and audios continuously to a video server.

The design of the clock is ingenious and therefore doesn't give away the fact that the clock is a spy camera. It is hard to recognize the lens since it is small and well concealed. The camera is light, highly portable and easy to carry around. The finish on the clock is beautiful and therefore it makes a good addition to any home or office. Operation of the camera is easy since all that is required is connection to Wi-Fi and the camera is operational. The videos produced are high quality.

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